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Changes and improvements:

  • Debug mode extended. More information about the recordings and the stream detection query is logged. The log files for the recordings are stored in the recording folder and the log data for XStreaMon is stored in the user’s Appdata directory.
  • Recordings are no longer interrupted if XstreaMon displays the model offline for a short time.
  • Token sending on Chaturbate via the CamBrowser has been extended to include a sequence input. Separate the tokens to be sent with a minus “-“. The interval can be set via the seconds selection. Token transmission can be interrupted at any time.
  • The total number of tokens sent is also displayed in the CamBrowser.
  • EPlay preview images for the stream work better.
  • When creating an existing model, you are asked whether the model should be adopted.
  • Bongacams – unfortunately we have not yet been able to solve this problem. It only seems to affect computers that have already recorded Bongacams. Other computers have no problem with Bongacams. As soon as we have a solution it will go online.

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