• Should i use  CRStreamRec or  FFMPEG COPY?

    The CRStreamRec Encoder has several advantages. The transmitted stream is copied directly into the TS file, it consumes fewer resources, can be terminated without problems, and the recording windows are hidden and do not interfere. The conversion to mp4 takes place only after the recording.

    The FFMEPG Copy Encoder converts each recording directly into an mp4 file, windows must be visible to control them, video optimisation already takes place during recording, consumes more resources and must be terminated properly.

    For recording and viewing the recordings, the CRStreamRec is recommended. If you want to edit individual videos and only record manually, then the FFMEPG Copy would be better.

  • Is there a way to record ticketed performances, group performances or private performances in the host’s room?

    The XstreaMon can only record the public stream.
    With Chaturbate it is possible to manually record ticket shows or private shows. This is only possible with the CamBrowser. First you have to join the show and then you can start the manual recording. The page will then be refreshed and the recording will begin. When you leave the show, the recording also ends.

    The other websites will also follow when possible.

  • In trial version what other limitations do i have except for just 5 Broadcaster limit?

    There is only the limitation of 5 channels. Otherwise XstreaMon can be used to the full extent.

  • What does the green bar in the upper right corner mean?

    The bar shows the usage of the hard disk on which the storage path for the videos is located. If you move the mouse over it, a tooltip text is displayed with the total capacity, usage and allocation of the recordings.

  • What are the VDB files?

    The VDB files are created for each recording from XstreaMon. The files contain information about the videos such as the model, resolution and time of recording, as well as the thumbnails for the video. The files are loaded when viewing the galleries.

  • Recording does not start although the channel is displayed online.

    A channel is displayed online when the broadcaster’s profile logs in. There does not have to be a public stream at that time. Even if the channel is in a closed transmission, the channel is displayed as online but the stream cannot be queried.
    Also the preview of the stream does not come from the stream directly but from images of the pages. XstreaMon tries to search for the stream in short intervals. So it can be that between going online of the channel and the start of the recording some time passes. The time interval is 30 seconds for automatic recording.
    It also happens that the stream address is available but there is no stream data that can be retrieved. Then the recording starts briefly and is stopped again a little later.