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Due to the conversion of the preview data, it may take a little longer for the galleries and the model view to load. All video files are recaptured. This action is performed only once. The new vdb files are created after the capture.
The vdb files contain the preview images and information about the capture.
The vtn and thb files are no longer needed and can be deleted.

• CamRecorder no longer converts the current recordings when exiting. When the recordings are to be ended, no post-processing takes place. When CamRecorder is restarted, the pending conversions start.
The maximum number of conversions to another target format can be set. The recordings to be converted are put into a queue and then converted if fewer conversions are running than are specified in the maximum number.
• CamSoda works again after the website change
• A slider for the zoom function has been added to the player
• for the video preview there is a new tile view and the timeline shows the whole period of the video.

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