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Chaturbate – chatting with masturbation

Chaturbate is a website that combines the art of chatting with masturbation. It is an adult streaming platform where thousands of professional and amateur performers stream directly from their bedrooms or studios to their audience.

The way Chaturbate works is that users “tip” their favorite channels in exchange for a show they want to watch. Some users also don’t want to wait hours for a free program to finish. They would rather pay for an instant private show that is one on one.

The site was launched in February 2011 and has become a very popular community among its streamers and members alike.

Chaturbate and XstreaMon

Interval preview image30 sec.
broadcasting formatTS – File
Storage formatsTS files or MP4 files are created from the TS file after recording
Channel informationare read out by the XstreaMon
Send tokenAfter logging in to Chaturbate and if XstreaMon has the model in its database, the token bar is displayed.
Tokens are sent via SendKeys.
specific characteristics The servers do not like too many requests. For many models, wait a moment in XstreaMon before recording can be started.
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